Every evening between July 1st 2017 and Friday 13th October 2017, some lucky member will go into the major draw and have a chance to win $100,000 CASH.

All you have to do is purchase a meal and be in the hotel around 7.30pm at night for your chance to be drawn out. You have to be a member, don’t worry if your not, its free to join.

The major draw will be on Saturday 21st October (previously 14th October). One person from the daily draw will be given one chance to pick the winning envelope.

The member drawn out will be given a one in one hundred chance of winning $100,000 CASH.

Only One Person Will Have The Chance To Win $100,000 Cash, By Simply Picking A Card From Numbers 1 to 100.

Find The Right Card And You Walk Away With $100,000 Cash.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following people are in the major draw:
July 1st John Murphy from Mundaring
July 2nd Jeffery Gilbert from Darlington
July 3rd Sarah Guagliardo from Connolly
July 4th Joan Beynon from Mundaring
July 5th Blair Savage from Maida Vale
July 6th Justin Gangell from Jane Brook
July 7th Alanna Webb from Darlington
July 8th Jen Napper from Mount Helena
July 9th John Black from Mount Helena
July 10th Walter Groom from Chidlow
July 11th Liz Wysocki from Mundaring
July 12th Paul Baird from Perth
July 13th Georgia Brittan from Mundaring
July 14th Vera Smith from Mundaring
July 15th Alysha Browne from Mundaring
July 16th Bud Cook from Wooroloo
July 17th Sandy Sanders from Stoneville
July 18th Leanne Lenegan from Glen Forrest
July 19th Susan Dunn from Mount Helena
July 20th Deborah Griffith from Darlington
July 21st Melissa Sandler from Parkerville
July 22nd Tarin Wilson from The Vines
July 23rd Jamie Walter from Stoneville
July 24th Cathryn O’Reilly from Darlington
July 25th Michael Madlener from Mount Helena
July 26th David Sullivan from Dayton
July 27th Paz Italiano from Mundaring
July 28th Wayne Finnerty from Stoneville
July 29th Phil Harwood from Guildford
July 30th Tracey Morgan from Helena Valley
July 31st Cameron Baker from Ascot
Aug 1st Vi Johnston from Stoneville
Aug 2nd David Foot from Parkerville
Aug 3rd Dominic Italiano from Mundaring
Aug 4th Eli Swepstone from Stoneville
Aug 5th Talon Rodgers from Mundaring
Aug 6th Warrick Exell from Parkerville
Aug 7th Louise Vlok from Mundaring
Aug 8th Naomi Johns from Jane Brook
Aug 9th Elizabeth Adamson from Wundowie
Aug 10th Mary Murten from Mount Helena
Aug 11th Jenny Wilcox from Mahogany Creek
Aug 12th David Moffat from Boya
Aug 13th Alice Robb from Grass Valley
Aug 14th Lyn Holmes from Mahogany Creek
Aug 15th Liz Sheehan from Mount Helena
Aug 16th Gemma Forrest from Mundaring
Aug 17th Sharon Lucassen from Mundaring
Aug 18th Lisa Beazley from Middle Swan
Aug 19th Shelly Hayes from Stoneville
Aug 20th Rocklyn McKain from Parkerville
Aug 21st Trish Patchett from Sawyers Valley
Aug 22nd Cornelius Collins from Mount Helena
Aug 23rd Wayne Finnerty from Stoneville
Aug 24th Karen Bentley from Stoneville
Aug 25th Debbie Griffith from Darlington
Aug 26th NO DRAW
Aug 27th Domenic Rossi from Mundaring
Aug 28th Ali Goodwin from Parkerville
Aug 29th Andy Brock from Mundaring
Aug 30th David Russell from Mundaring
Aug 31st Joan Craven from Mundaring
1st Sept Gavin Wilson from Glen Forrest
2nd Sept Cara Kimber from Bakers Hill
3rd Sept Pete Halder from Glen Forrest
4th Sept Cathie Finnerty from Stoneville
5th Sept Robert Stockey from Swan View
6th Sept Carolyn Howe from Mundaring
7th Sept Derek Alcock from Mundaring
8th Sept David Barber from Mundaring
9th Sept Mike Blackie from Moranup
10th Sept Sherri Bartlett from Mahogany Creek
11th Sept Claire Deamer from Wundowie
12th Sept Sarah Coluhorn from Mundaring
13th Sept Matt Shearer from Mundaring
14th Sept Christine Gray from Stonevile
15th Sept Raui Den Boaer
16th Sept Ross Linto from Mount Helena
17th Sept Kees Van Dalen from Mount Helena
18th Sept Michael Beynon from Mundaring
19th Sept Narelle Williams from Mount Helena
20th Sept Vicky Huband from Jane Brook